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Krainzia guelzowiana

Krainzia guelzowiana (6,5)

Krainzia guelzowiana (6,5) year/age8
Krainzia guelzowiana (6,5) pot6,5cm
Krainzia guelzowiana (6,5) price5,00
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Lithops lesliei v. lesliei

Lithops lesliei v. lesliei (650)

Lithops lesliei v. lesliei (650) year/age2002
Lithops lesliei v. lesliei (650) pot6,5cm
Lithops lesliei v. lesliei (650) price14,00
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Obregonia denegrii

Obregonia denegrii (5,5)

Obregonia denegrii (5,5) year/age2011
Obregonia denegrii (5,5) pot5,5cm
Obregonia denegrii (5,5) price3,50
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Ariocarpus furfuraceus

Ariocarpus furfuraceus (3,5)

Ariocarpus furfuraceus (3,5) year/age2011
Ariocarpus furfuraceus (3,5) pot3,5cm
Ariocarpus furfuraceus (3,5) price2,50
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