Regular stock Mesembs - Lithops.
Numerous samples of every particular Mesembs - Lithops species are available! Every Mesemb - Lithops was raised in our greenhouse with optimal conditions.

Regular Stock Mesembs - Lithops

Lapidaria margaretae

Mesembs - Lithops

Lapidaria margaretae (3,5)

Lapidaria margaretae (3,5) year/age2015
Lapidaria margaretae (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lapidaria margaretae (3,5) price1,50
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Lithops aucampiae

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops aucampiae (3,5)

Lithops aucampiae (3,5) year/age2015
Lithops aucampiae (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops aucampiae (3,5) price2,00
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Lithops aucampiae f. Kuruman

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops aucampiae f. Kuruman (3,5)

Lithops aucampiae f. Kuruman (3,5) year/age2015
Lithops aucampiae f. Kuruman (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops aucampiae f. Kuruman (3,5) price1,50
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Lithops aucampiae f. Snowcap

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops aucampiae f. Snowcap (6,5)

Lithops aucampiae f. Snowcap (6,5) year/age2011
Lithops aucampiae f. Snowcap (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops aucampiae f. Snowcap (6,5) price8,00
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Lithops aucampiae ssp. aucampiae

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops aucampiae ssp. aucampiae (3,5)

Lithops aucampiae ssp. aucampiae (3,5) year/age2015
Lithops aucampiae ssp. aucampiae (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops aucampiae ssp. aucampiae (3,5) price2,00
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Lithops aucampiae v. aucampiae

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops aucampiae v. aucampiae (6,5)

Lithops aucampiae v. aucampiae (6,5) year/age2011
Lithops aucampiae v. aucampiae (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops aucampiae v. aucampiae (6,5) price6,00
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Lithops aucampiae v. euniceae

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops aucampiae v. euniceae (5,5)

Lithops aucampiae v. euniceae (5,5) year/age2014
Lithops aucampiae v. euniceae (5,5) pot5,5cm
Lithops aucampiae v. euniceae (5,5) price3,00
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Lithops aucampiae1

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops aucampiae1 (3,5)

Lithops aucampiae1 (3,5) year/age2016
Lithops aucampiae1 (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops aucampiae1 (3,5) price2,00
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Lithops bromfieldii

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops bromfieldii (3,5)

Lithops bromfieldii (3,5) year/age2015
Lithops bromfieldii (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops bromfieldii (3,5) price2,00
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Lithops bromfieldii v. mennellii

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops bromfieldii v. mennellii (6,5)

Lithops bromfieldii v. mennellii (6,5) year/age2012
Lithops bromfieldii v. mennellii (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops bromfieldii v. mennellii (6,5) price5,00
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Lithops hookeri v. dabneri

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops hookeri v. dabneri (6,5)

Lithops hookeri v. dabneri (6,5) year/age2012
Lithops hookeri v. dabneri (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops hookeri v. dabneri (6,5) price5,00
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Lithops hookeri v. lutea

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops hookeri v. lutea (3,5)

Lithops hookeri v. lutea (3,5) year/age2015
Lithops hookeri v. lutea (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops hookeri v. lutea (3,5) price2,00
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Lithops hookeri v. marginata

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops hookeri v. marginata (3,5)

Lithops hookeri v. marginata (3,5) year/age2015
Lithops hookeri v. marginata (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops hookeri v. marginata (3,5) price2,00
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Lithops julii v. chrysocephala

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops julii v. chrysocephala (3,5)

Lithops julii v. chrysocephala (3,5) year/age3-5
Lithops julii v. chrysocephala (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops julii v. chrysocephala (3,5) price2,50
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Lithops karasmontana

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops karasmontana (3,5)

Lithops karasmontana (3,5) year/age2015
Lithops karasmontana (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops karasmontana (3,5) price1,50
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Lithops karasmontana f. Signalberg

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops karasmontana f. Signalberg (3,5)

Lithops karasmontana f. Signalberg (3,5) year/age2015
Lithops karasmontana f. Signalberg (3,5) pot3,5cm
Lithops karasmontana f. Signalberg (3,5) price2,00
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Lithops karasmontana v.karasmontana

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops karasmontana v.karasmontana (6,5)

Lithops karasmontana v.karasmontana (6,5) year/age2012
Lithops karasmontana v.karasmontana (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops karasmontana v.karasmontana (6,5) price6,00
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Lithops lesliei v. lesliei

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops lesliei v. lesliei (6,5)

Lithops lesliei v. lesliei (6,5) year/age2011
Lithops lesliei v. lesliei (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops lesliei v. lesliei (6,5) price5,00
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Lithops salicola

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops salicola (6,5)

Lithops salicola (6,5) year/age2012
Lithops salicola (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops salicola (6,5) price5,00
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Lithops villetii

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops villetii (5,5)

Lithops villetii (5,5) year/age2015
Lithops villetii (5,5) pot5,5cm
Lithops villetii (5,5) price2,50
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Lithops villetii v. dabneri

Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops villetii v. dabneri (6,5)

Lithops villetii v. dabneri (6,5) year/age2010
Lithops villetii v. dabneri (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops villetii v. dabneri (6,5) price7,00
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Mesembs - Lithops

Lithops_terricolor_Specled_gold (6,5)

Lithops_terricolor_Specled_gold (6,5) year/age2010
Lithops_terricolor_Specled_gold (6,5) pot6,5cm
Lithops_terricolor_Specled_gold (6,5) price8,00
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Ophthalmophyllum praesectum

Mesembs - Lithops

Ophthalmophyllum praesectum (5,5)

Ophthalmophyllum praesectum (5,5) year/age6
Ophthalmophyllum praesectum (5,5) pot5,5cm
Ophthalmophyllum praesectum (5,5) price3,00
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