Exceptional exotic plants from Dušan Hrovatin's personal collection. Every plant is offered on WYSIWYG (WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet) principle, providing the exact image of every single plant before you order it.

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Uebelmannia horrida

Uebelmannia horrida (8,5)

Uebelmannia horrida (8,5) year/age1984
Uebelmannia horrida (8,5) pot8,5cm
Uebelmannia horrida (8,5) price50,00
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Uebelmannia pectinifera

Uebelmannia pectinifera (8,5)

Uebelmannia pectinifera  (8,5) year/age1984
Uebelmannia pectinifera  (8,5) pot8,5cm
Uebelmannia pectinifera  (8,5) price65,00
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Echinomastus macdowellii

Echinomastus macdowellii (6,5)

Echinomastus macdowellii (6,5) year/age2013
Echinomastus macdowellii (6,5) pot6,5cm
Echinomastus macdowellii (6,5) price5,00
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Lithops aucampiae

Lithops aucampiae (587)

Lithops aucampiae (587) year/age2010
Lithops aucampiae (587) pot6,5cm
Lithops aucampiae (587) price4,00
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Lithops  hallii v. ochracea

Lithops hallii v. ochracea (623)

Lithops  hallii v. ochracea (623) year/age2000
Lithops  hallii v. ochracea (623) pot6,5cm
Lithops  hallii v. ochracea (623) price18,00
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Tylecodon paniculatus

Tylecodon paniculatus

Tylecodon paniculatus year/age2002
Tylecodon paniculatus pot10,5cm
Tylecodon paniculatus price28,00
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ophthalmophyllum praesectum

ophthalmophyllum praesectum (6,5)

ophthalmophyllum praesectum (6,5) year/age2008
ophthalmophyllum praesectum (6,5) pot6,5cm
ophthalmophyllum praesectum (6,5) price12,00
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