cacti, succulent and mesemb - Lithop seeds.
All the seeds are homegrown!

Present offer of the seeds is available until out of stock.

For the beginners we recomend a MIX, containing 450-500 different cacti, succulent and Lithops seeds.

Minimum order of the seeds alone: 10 EUR. Seeds can be sent in an envelope.

Adenium obesum

Adenium obesum (30 semen)

30 semen seeds
Adenium obesum (30 semen) price3,00
Add Adenium obesum (30 semen) in basket

Aloe variegata

Aloe variegata ( 50 semen)

50 semen seeds
Aloe variegata ( 50 semen) price2,00
Add Aloe variegata ( 50 semen) in basket

Anacampseros telephiastrum

Anacampseros telephiastrum (60 semen)

60 semen seeds
Anacampseros telephiastrum (60 semen) price1,50
Add Anacampseros telephiastrum (60 semen) in basket

Astrophytum asterias

Astrophytum asterias (50 zrn)

50 zrn seeds
Astrophytum asterias (50 zrn) price2,00
Add Astrophytum asterias (50 zrn) in basket

Astrophytum capricorne

Astrophytum capricorne ( 100 mix)

100 zrn seeds
Astrophytum capricorne ( 100 mix) price1,50
Add Astrophytum capricorne ( 100 mix) in basket

Aylostera muscula

Aylostera muscula (s)

40-45 seeds
Aylostera muscula (s) price1,50
Add Aylostera muscula (s) in basket

Bartschella schumanii

Bartschella schumanii (s)

50 seeds
Bartschella schumanii (s) price2,00
Add Bartschella schumanii (s) in basket

Epithelantha micromeris

Epithelantha micromeris (s)

100 seeds
Epithelantha micromeris (s) price1,50
Add Epithelantha micromeris (s) in basket

Frailea castanea

Frailea castanea ( 100 zrn)

100 zrn seeds
Frailea castanea ( 100 zrn) price2,00
Add Frailea castanea ( 100 zrn) in basket

Kaktusi-mix 450-500 zrn

Kaktusi-mix 450-500 zrn (s)

450-500 seeds
Kaktusi-mix 450-500 zrn (s) price10,00
Add Kaktusi-mix 450-500 zrn (s) in basket

Lophophora williamsii

Lophophora williamsii (seme)

50 seeds
Lophophora williamsii (seme) price5,00
Add Lophophora williamsii (seme) in basket

Mammillaria hamata

Mammillaria hamata (s)

50 seeds
Mammillaria hamata (s) price1,50
Add Mammillaria hamata (s) in basket

Mammillaria mix

Mammillaria mix ( 100s)

100 seeds
Mammillaria mix ( 100s) price2,00
Add Mammillaria mix ( 100s) in basket

Mammillaria vagaspina

Mammillaria vagaspina (semena)

40-45 semen seeds
Mammillaria vagaspina  (semena) price1,50
Add Mammillaria vagaspina  (semena) in basket

Parodia mutabilis

Parodia mutabilis (s)

100 seeds
Parodia mutabilis (s) price1,50
Add Parodia mutabilis (s) in basket

Rebutia violaciflora

Rebutia violaciflora (s)

100 seeds
Rebutia violaciflora (s) price1,50
Add Rebutia violaciflora (s) in basket

Stapelia,huernia mix

Stapelia,huernia mix (s)

50 seeds
Stapelia,huernia mix (s) price2,00
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Submatucana madisoniorum

Submatucana madisoniorum (s)

50 seeds
Submatucana madisoniorum (s) price1,50
Add Submatucana madisoniorum (s) in basket

Turbinicarpus swobodae

Turbinicarpus swobodae (s)

100 seeds
Turbinicarpus swobodae (s) price2,00
Add Turbinicarpus swobodae (s) in basket