Exceptional exotic plants from Dušan Hrovatin's personal collection. Every plant is offered on WYSIWYG (WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet) principle, providing the exact image of every single plant before you order it.

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Rare exotic plants from personal collection

Mammillaria theresae

Mammillaria theresae (5,5)

Mammillaria theresae (5,5) year/age2017
Mammillaria theresae (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria theresae (5,5) price5,00
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Copiapoa echinoides 6109

Copiapoa echinoides 6109 (8,5)

Copiapoa echinoides 6109 (8,5) year/age1994
Copiapoa echinoides 6109 (8,5) pot8,5cm
Copiapoa echinoides 6109 (8,5) price30,00
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Pachypodium lamerei

Pachypodium lamerei (135)

Pachypodium lamerei (135) year/age1998
Pachypodium lamerei (135) pot16cm
Pachypodium lamerei (135) price95,00
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Astroloba congesta

Astroloba congesta (6,5)

Astroloba congesta (6,5) year/age2016
Astroloba congesta (6,5) pot6,5cm
Astroloba congesta (6,5) price12,00
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Pachypodium succulentum

Pachypodium succulentum (12)

Pachypodium succulentum (12) year/age1986
Pachypodium succulentum (12) pot12cm
Pachypodium succulentum (12) price55,00
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Ariocarpus retusus confusus

Ariocarpus retusus confusus (8,5)

Ariocarpus retusus confusus (8,5) year/age2004
Ariocarpus retusus confusus (8,5) pot8,5cm
Ariocarpus retusus confusus (8,5) price30,00
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Astrophytum asterias

Astrophytum asterias (8,5)

Astrophytum asterias (8,5) year/age2010
Astrophytum asterias (8,5) pot8,5cm
Astrophytum asterias (8,5) price12,00
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Astroloba dodsoniana

Astroloba dodsoniana (6,5)

Astroloba dodsoniana (6,5) year/age2016
Astroloba dodsoniana (6,5) pot6,5cm
Astroloba dodsoniana (6,5) price12,00
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