Regular stock cacti.
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Regular stock Cacti

Rebutia pulvinosa v. albiflora


Rebutia pulvinosa v. albiflora (5,5)

Rebutia pulvinosa v. albiflora (5,5) year/age4
Rebutia pulvinosa v. albiflora (5,5) pot5,5cm
Rebutia pulvinosa v. albiflora (5,5) price3,00
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Rebutia violaciflora


Rebutia violaciflora (3,5)

Rebutia violaciflora (3,5) year/age3-5
Rebutia violaciflora (3,5) pot3,5cm
Rebutia violaciflora (3,5) price1,00
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Rebutia violaciflora


Rebutia violaciflora (5,5)

Rebutia violaciflora (5,5) year/age4-7
Rebutia violaciflora (5,5) pot5,5cm
Rebutia violaciflora (5,5) price2,00
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Stenocactus dicroacanthus


Stenocactus dicroacanthus (3,5)

Stenocactus dicroacanthus (3,5) year/age3-5
Stenocactus dicroacanthus (3,5) pot3,5cm
Stenocactus dicroacanthus (3,5) price1,25
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Stenocactus vaupelianus


Stenocactus vaupelianus (6,5)

Stenocactus vaupelianus (6,5) year/age2012
Stenocactus vaupelianus (6,5) pot6,5cm
Stenocactus vaupelianus (6,5) price5,00
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Sulcorebutia candiae


Sulcorebutia candiae (5,5)

Sulcorebutia candiae (5,5) year/age2014
Sulcorebutia candiae (5,5) pot5,5cm
Sulcorebutia candiae (5,5) price2,20
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Sulcorebutia crispata


Sulcorebutia crispata (3,5)

Sulcorebutia crispata (3,5) year/age2015
Sulcorebutia crispata (3,5) pot3,5cm
Sulcorebutia crispata (3,5) price1,50
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Thelocactus hexaedroporus


Thelocactus hexaedroporus (6,5)

Thelocactus hexaedroporus (6,5) year/age8-12
Thelocactus hexaedroporus (6,5) pot6,5cm
Thelocactus hexaedroporus (6,5) price10,00
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Thelocactus lophothele


Thelocactus lophothele (6,5)

Thelocactus lophothele (6,5) year/age8-12
Thelocactus lophothele (6,5) pot6,5cm
Thelocactus lophothele (6,5) price10,00
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Thelocactus nidulans


Thelocactus nidulans (6,5)

Thelocactus nidulans (6,5) year/age8-12
Thelocactus nidulans (6,5) pot6,5cm
Thelocactus nidulans (6,5) price10,00
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Turbinicarpus flaviflorus


Turbinicarpus flaviflorus (3,5)

Turbinicarpus flaviflorus (3,5) year/age4-5
Turbinicarpus flaviflorus (3,5) pot3,5cm
Turbinicarpus flaviflorus (3,5) price2,00
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Turbinicarpus klinkerianus


Turbinicarpus klinkerianus (3,5)

Turbinicarpus klinkerianus (3,5) year/age2014
Turbinicarpus klinkerianus (3,5) pot3,5cm
Turbinicarpus klinkerianus (3,5) price1,50
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Turbinicarpus polaskii


Turbinicarpus polaskii (3,5)

Turbinicarpus polaskii (3,5) year/age4-5
Turbinicarpus polaskii (3,5) pot3,5cm
Turbinicarpus polaskii (3,5) price2,50
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Turbinicarpus swobodae


Turbinicarpus swobodae (5,5)

Turbinicarpus swobodae (5,5) year/age6
Turbinicarpus swobodae (5,5) pot5,5cm
Turbinicarpus swobodae (5,5) price3,00
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Weingartia lanata


Weingartia lanata (8,5)

Weingartia lanata (8,5) year/age8-12
Weingartia lanata (8,5) pot8,5cm
Weingartia lanata (8,5) price10,00
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Weingartia neocumingii


Weingartia neocumingii (8,5)

Weingartia neocumingii (8,5) year/age8-12
Weingartia neocumingii (8,5) pot8,5cm
Weingartia neocumingii (8,5) price10,00
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Weingartia pilcomayensis


Weingartia pilcomayensis (6,5)

Weingartia pilcomayensis (6,5) year/age6-9
Weingartia pilcomayensis (6,5) pot6,5cm
Weingartia pilcomayensis (6,5) price6,00
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