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Mammillaria haageana


Mammillaria haageana (6,5)

Mammillaria haageana (6,5) year/age2014
Mammillaria haageana (6,5) pot6,5cm
Mammillaria haageana (6,5) price5,00
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Mammillaria hahniana


Mammillaria hahniana (5,5)

Mammillaria hahniana (5,5) year/age2014
Mammillaria hahniana (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria hahniana (5,5) price2,00
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Mammillaria hahnianna


Mammillaria hahnianna (8,5)

Mammillaria hahnianna (8,5) year/age2008
Mammillaria hahnianna (8,5) pot8,5cm
Mammillaria hahnianna (8,5) price5,00
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Mammillaria hamata


Mammillaria hamata (3,5)

Mammillaria hamata (3,5) year/age2-4
Mammillaria hamata (3,5) pot3,5cm
Mammillaria hamata (3,5) price1,00
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Mammillaria hamata


Mammillaria hamata (5,5)

Mammillaria hamata (5,5) year/age4-7
Mammillaria hamata (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria hamata (5,5) price2,00
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Mammillaria hamata


Mammillaria hamata (6,5)

Mammillaria hamata (6,5) year/age6-9
Mammillaria hamata (6,5) pot6,5cm
Mammillaria hamata (6,5) price4,00
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Mammillaria heeriana


Mammillaria heeriana (5,5)

Mammillaria heeriana (5,5) year/age2015
Mammillaria heeriana (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria heeriana (5,5) price2,00
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Mammillaria heyderi


Mammillaria heyderi (3,5)

Mammillaria heyderi (3,5) year/age2-4
Mammillaria heyderi (3,5) pot3,5cm
Mammillaria heyderi (3,5) price1,00
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Mammillaria humboldtii


Mammillaria humboldtii (5,5)

Mammillaria humboldtii (5,5) year/age2015
Mammillaria humboldtii (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria humboldtii (5,5) price3,00
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Mammillaria klissingiana


Mammillaria klissingiana (5,5)

Mammillaria klissingiana (5,5) year/age2013
Mammillaria klissingiana (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria klissingiana (5,5) price2,50
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Mammillaria krasuckae


Mammillaria krasuckae (3.5)

Mammillaria krasuckae (3.5) year/age3-5
Mammillaria krasuckae (3.5) pot3,5cm
Mammillaria krasuckae (3.5) price1,00
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Mammillaria laui


Mammillaria laui (3,5)

Mammillaria laui (3,5) year/age3-5
Mammillaria laui (3,5) pot3,5cm
Mammillaria laui (3,5) price1,00
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Mammillaria marksiana


Mammillaria marksiana (6,5)

Mammillaria marksiana (6,5) year/age7-10
Mammillaria marksiana (6,5) pot6,5cm
Mammillaria marksiana (6,5) price5,00
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Mammillaria matudae


Mammillaria matudae (5,5)

Mammillaria matudae (5,5) year/age4
Mammillaria matudae (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria matudae (5,5) price2,00
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Mammillaria microhelia


Mammillaria microhelia (6,5)

Mammillaria microhelia (6,5) year/age2014
Mammillaria microhelia (6,5) pot6,5cm
Mammillaria microhelia (6,5) price2,00
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Mammillaria mieheana


Mammillaria mieheana (5,5)

Mammillaria mieheana (5,5) year/age5-8
Mammillaria mieheana (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria mieheana (5,5) price4,00
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Mammillaria movensis


Mammillaria movensis (5,5)

Mammillaria movensis (5,5) year/age2014
Mammillaria movensis (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria movensis (5,5) price2,00
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Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii


Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii (6,5)

Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii (6,5) year/age2014
Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii (6,5) pot6,5cm
Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii (6,5) price4,00
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Mammillaria perbella


Mammillaria perbella (5,5)

Mammillaria perbella (5,5) year/age2015
Mammillaria perbella (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria perbella (5,5) price2,00
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Mammillaria polythelle


Mammillaria polythelle (3,5)

Mammillaria polythelle (3,5) year/age3-5
Mammillaria polythelle (3,5) pot3,5cm
Mammillaria polythelle (3,5) price1,00
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Mammillaria rhodantha


Mammillaria rhodantha (5,5)

Mammillaria rhodantha (5,5) year/age3-5
Mammillaria rhodantha (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria rhodantha (5,5) price1,50
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Mammillaria rhodantha sulphurea


Mammillaria rhodantha sulphurea (3,5)

Mammillaria rhodantha sulphurea (3,5) year/age3-5
Mammillaria rhodantha sulphurea (3,5) pot3,5cm
Mammillaria rhodantha sulphurea (3,5) price1,00
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Mammillaria sartorii


Mammillaria sartorii (5,5)

Mammillaria sartorii (5,5) year/age4-6
Mammillaria sartorii (5,5) pot5,5cm
Mammillaria sartorii (5,5) price2,00
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