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Plant Mamillopsis senilis (8,5) from Dušan Hrovatin's personal collection of cacti is offered by the WYSIWYG principle (providing the exact image of the plant before you order it).
Mamillopsis senilis (8,5) sprouted in 1995 and is available for only25.00 €.



Cacti from personal collection

Mamillopsis senilis (8,5)

Mamillopsis senilis

Razprodajam zbirko več kot 20 let starih kaktusov, sukulent in živih kamnov. Na voljo je po 1 ali dva komada rastlin.

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Mamillopsis senilis (8,5)

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25,00 €
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I sell a collection of more than 20 years old cacti, succulents and living stones. It is available for 1 or two pieces of plants.